Coming to America

Here’s a question to all those who just seems to hate America and want to destroy our country. If America is so bad, why are they coming in groves to America?

Think about that as you are hating America and is out to destroy our country!

Those who are coming to this country illegally are just trying to get away from their corrupt Socialist Government in their home country. They want the freedom we have here and a better chance at life. One they cannot get in their own country.

Little do they know, Today’s Socialist Democrats are being just as corrupt as their government.

When Biden took office, not only did he stopped the building of the Keystone Pipeline, he also stopped the construction of the wall on the border. He created an open-door policy, allowing illegal immigrants to come right in.

At the same time, we were going through a pandemic and everything was shut down for health reasons. What was he thinking? The problem was, he wasn’t thinking. His cognitive thinking is out-of-whack because of him suffering with dementia.

Before I go after Biden/Harris, let me take you to the beginning of the problem. The person who should take part of the responsibility for this is former President George W. Bush. When George W. Bush was President and after 9/11, he created a policy to keep terrorist out of the country to protect America. He made it tougher to go and leave Canada then what it was.

When I was a kid, a person can go to Canada to fish or whatever with no questions ask. The only question asked was, “What’s your reason for coming to Canada?”

Now, you need a passport to go to Canada!

But yet, the illegal immigrants don’t need a passport to come to America through our Southern Border. Why is that, George W. Bush?

Another thing, as Biden created an open-door policy on our Southern Border with Mexico during the Pandemic, the border with Canada remained closed during it.

Under Obama, cages were built to caged up the children of these illegal immigrants. The mainstream news media made a big stink of it when Trump was President; when it was Obama who was responsible for it.

These cages were/are unsantized.

The cartels loved it when Biden shut down the building of the wall and created an open-door at the Southern Border. The reasons they loved it was they were using these children of illegal immigrants to smuggle drugs and deadly weapons into our country. They were also using these children as child sex slaves.

The Democrats seems to love it to see illegal immigrants come to America. They will give them anything they want with no question asked.

The hard-working Americans have a tougher time in getting any help from the Government from the DMV to Social Security to welfare assistance. They don’t have to cut through all the red tapes as we do. We worked hard for our money. Getting things we need shouldn’t be that hard, there shouldn’t be so much hoops to jump through.

When Trump was President, he had things under control at the Southern Border. He was building a wall. I’m not saying that the wall was perfect; but it was more than George W. Bush, Obama, and now Biden is doing to stop the mad rush of illegal immigrants coming to America.

The only thing that Kamala Harris is doing is giving these countries money to keep their people there. How stupid is that?

These immigrants are leaving their country because of their corrupt Socialist Government. They are just going to pocket the money themselves and not help their people.

Like I mentioned in previous blog, when you give money to another country to help with such things as hunger and thirst, you must watch who is getting the money. Is it the government? Will the money be put to good use? To make sure that the money will be put to good use, the best way is through your church missionary.

By giving the government the money, they will just pocket it and continue looking for more.

Usually when a crisis hit, the President and Vice-President goes to where the crisis is to see what they can do to help. Since the crisis at the border happened, both Biden and Harris had not visited the Southern Border. The reason why, Biden had created the crisis.

None of the Democrats had gone to the Southern Border during the crisis. Yet, they went when Trump was President and used the mainstream news media to spread lies against Trump.

George W. Bush hadn’t even went to the Southern Border either. He too should go to the border as well.

When Ted Cruz went to the border and was taking pictures at what was going on, The staff there was blocking his view to keep the American people from knowing the truth on what was going on there.

I’m glad that Governor Greg Abbot from Texas decided to continue the work on building of the Wall and is doing what he can to stop the influx of illegal immigrants entering the United States through Texas. He’s doing the job that Biden should be doing. He cares for the American people’s safety.

He’s not alone either. Other states with Republicans governors are sending help down to Texas, and the Southern border.

If Biden doesn’t want to do his job to protect America, it’s time that each states stand up to Biden and do what he’s not doing.

It’s time to take back America from Biden and those who is out to destroy our country! We have 2-4 years to build up ourselves an army to take back America. In 2 years we can take back the House and in 4 years, take back the White House; and throw those bums out. I just hope that it won’t be too late for America.