Days of our lives

Don’t let the title fool! Don’t even let this picture fool you!

In honor of my birthday today, I’m doing a lightheartedness blog. It will be full of interesting tidbits.

Was there a major events that happened on your birthday? Have you recently discovered that there’s someone who shares your birthday?

When my mother was pregnant with me, her sister-in-law was also pregnant with my cousin, Billy. They were like the Bobbsey twins when they hung out together.

The year that I was born, few months later, the second longest running daytime drama, Days of Our Lives first aired in November. A little confession: I had gotten hooked on Days of Our lives when I was a teenager working at my summer job cleaning the school in Hawley, MN. Someone had the show on in the break room. It was during the beginning of the Bo and Hope’s storylines. I know that there are some so-called self-righteous Christians wouldn’t approved because of some of the storylines. I won’t go anymore with that though.

A major event that happened on my birthday may not be as significant as what happened on 9/11. There was a pastor’s son from the church that I belong to who has a birthday on Sept. 11. Normally that will be a happy day for him; but because of the terrorist attack of the World Trade Center, that will be a painful memory for him. But a memory that all Americans need not forget.

The event that happened on my birthday happened in 1974. That was the day, former President Richard Nixon resign as President because of Watergate. The Established Republicans may not want to read this little sidebar. To me, Richard Nixon was a crook. Anyone who keeps on saying, “I’m not a crook”, or “I did not have sexual relation with that woman,” like Pres. Clinton, or Hillary Clinton saying, “What difference does that make?” Who were they trying to fool? By keeping on saying that, you’re fooling yourself. It’s best to ask for your day in court and let the truth comes out by itself.

Back to my cousin, Billy; he was born on our Aunt Rosella’s birthday.

My mother wanted to get married on the 4th of July but the Catholic priest wouldn’t do it; so they settled for July 3rd instead.

Speaking of the 4th of July, Both John Adam and Thomas Jefferson, the only signers of the Declaration of Independence to become Presidents of the United States both died on the 4th within 5 hours of each other in 1826. Then 5 years later, the next former President James Monroe passed away in 1831.

I have 2 aunts who both born on March 30 but different years. Or how about my nephew was born on Nov. 19, then years later a niece was also born on that same day.

People finds it an honor to be born right at midnight of New Years Eve; that way the press will proudly announce the first baby born on New Years.

Or how about anyone who is born Feb. 29, on leap year? That would be an interesting birthday. When will they celebrate their birthday? Do they only age every 4 years?

Another day for a birthday is April 15, Income tax day. That was my step-dad’s birthday. You’ll never forget that day. I mean, happy birthday and by the way did you file your taxes yet?(haha)

I feel sorry for anyone born on Christmas Eve and Day or even real close. They probably don’t get much a birthday celebration because they share it with the holiday.

It’s like having a birthday on Halloween or the day before or after. Not much of a celebration.

People looks to get married on Valentine’s Day or New Years Day because it’s a special honor that no one will ever forget.

I don’t know if you share your birthday with someone else that you recently met through your job or church or wherever. I have recently discovered that I also share my birthday with someone from my church and there is also 2 co-workers share a birthday with me.

Are these all coincidences?

Coincidences are interesting and fun. I hope that you enjoyed these interesting tidbits in this blog. I don’t know if you have an coincidences yourself around your birthday. If you do I would like to hear about it.

There is no coincidence with God. God has a plan with our lives. Things happens for a reason, coincidence or not. It makes us take notice of things around us that often change our lives for the better.

Thank you for keeping me aware of the coincidences around me and waking me up to the fact that God is still in control.