Thanks for those on the Front Line

You probably heard Pres. Trump and others saying that we are at war. The enemy isn’t flesh and blood. We’re not fighting terrorist; at least we think we aren’t. The enemy is this Coronavirus.

Since we are at war, we seems to be united with one another. You don’t hear much about these Trump’s hater out there. We are in this together and we will come out on top once again.

The last time this country was together was after 9/11 attack. \

It goes to show in times of war, we come together. United we stand, united we fall.

As in wars, there will always be people in the front line. They put their lives on the line. For example: the TV show MASH was based on medical unit on the front line during the Korean War.

Anyway, I want to give a shout out to those on front line in this battle we’re facing with the Coronavirus. They are risking a lot for us all. They give it all so that we can be safe at home.

I know that I may sound bias, since I worked at a hospital now, and is a part of the front line to a point. I may had criticized doctors before in previous blogs; but this blog my heart goes out to them. Those who works in the medical professions and hospital put it all on the line. I want to say, I’m glad to be doing my duty for this country in this war that we are in. I can now say that I’m a veteran without being in a real war with guns.

Even though Fargo isn’t the “Hot Spot”, like New York for example; the bright side in this, we are not at a higher risk either.

They’re not the only one on the front line either. People who drives the city bus and taxi services are also on the front line. People working in convenience stores and grocery stores also are on front line. They are there to stock the shelves with groceries so that we can still eat during this Pandemic. They put their lives at risk as well. Even people who works in a bank puts their lives at risk on the front line as well.

If it weren’t for those who works in the banks, this country finances will be up a creek. They handled the money that we spend so we can buy food and supplies for our needs while we are forced to stay home.

In a major war, people who served on the front line sometimes get killed. King David was accused of sending Bathsheba’s husband into the front line to cover up his own adultery with Bathsheba.

My point to this is we need to honor and appreciate those who are on the front line. They are vital to our safety and well being.

I think the government should create something special for all who served on the front line in one capacity or another. They deserves bonuses for seeing this country through this pandemic.

There’s Memorial walls in Washington D.C. to honor those who served and were killed during actual war such the Vietnam and World War 2. There’s even Memorial wall to honor our fallen police officers killed in the line of duty.

I think something like that to honor those on the front line in this battle that we are in is very much needed.

I also thinks that better pay is very much needed as well. Because we on the front line risk it all so the rest of the country can be safe, healthy, and stock up at home.

Let us give a shout out to all those on the front line! Let us remembered their sacrifices! If you happens to see someone working on the front line or knows someone who works the front line, thank them for their services. Give them a call or text messages thanking them for being willing to risk their lives on the front line.

You can’t really give them a hug right now; but you can still recognize them for their service.

The Blue Angels have been doing something wonderful for those on the front line. They have been flying around the country and creating thank you messages in the sky.

I even heard people who are staying home are giving a shout out to those in the front line by opening their windows and shouting.

We need more hope story like this.

Thanks to all those on the front line. Thanks for your sacrifices. Just thanks them and remember we will get through this together.

War may be hell but we will get through this!