Censor This!!

There is so much talk about censorship as of lately. Even more now than ever before.

In the 70’s there was a movie/Broadway play called, “Jesus Christ, Superstar.” When that movie first came out, some in the Christian community protested it and tried to get it censored. They felt that it didn’t represented the Christian community and Jesus Christ.

Also in the late 70’s and early 80’s Tipper Gore and some of the Christian leaders took it to the House of Representative to censor what we listen to. They were responsible in putting warning labels on records; especially songs that they felt were offensive. One of the song was, Rocky Mountain High by John Denver. They felt that it was about getting high on drugs. As John Denver states, “It was about getting high on nature through the Rocky Mountain.

When the book, DaVinci Code came out, the Catholic church wanted to censor that book and later on the movie. All it did was boost the sales for the book.

When Harry Potter first came out, once again the Christian community protested and tried to get the movie censored. They feared the theme of witchcraft was damaging.

Yet, when the Lord of the Rings movies came out about month later; there was no protest by them. Why is that?

I will tell you why: the author of the Lord of the Rings series was a Christian; whereas the author of Harry Potter wasn’t. They were being judgmental.

Every time a certain group would protest and try to censor something, no matter what it is. It gets people’s attention. They go fast to check it out just to see what’s all the buzz. So why try to censor and boycott; when all it will do is boost the sales?

Look back in history, during the Roaring 20’s. It was the Christian movements that tried to banned alcohol. All it did was led to bootlegging; and eventually overturn.

How about when Elvis started out? The Christians back then didn’t much care how he would shake his hips. So they censored his appearance on television, that they would not show him shaking his hips, by only showing his top half. That didn’t last long.

I know that I probably mentioned these before in previous blogs. I only mentioned them again as I hope to get to the point of this blog.

There is movie that may or may not get shown called, “The Hunt.” The basis of that movie about hunting the deplorable. Now the deplorable is what Hillary Clinton and the fake mainstream news media called all those who voted and supported Trump.

There are people who felt that it was an inappropriate time for that movie to comes out because of the hate and violence out there right now.

Let me ask you this one question. Would Hollywood thinks twice about making a movie about those who voted for Obama and hunt them down?

My answer to that question is “Hell No!!”

That is off the subject.

I’m not in favor of censorship; even though that movie gets me upset. I stand by the Constitution. In the Constitution, there is such a thing as Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. We have the right speak our mind.

As I said in my blog about 1984, “The lead character, a reporter was being censored by Big Brother.” It seems that book is becoming more and more true.

Before it was some Christians protesting and wanting censorship. Now, it seems, that it is those on the Far Left that is wanting censorship. They want to censor anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Just like Big Brother in the book, “1984.”

They wants to censor Pres. Donald Trump, when he tweets. Yet, when those on the Left; especially the Squad; it’s alright. Where’s the justice?

As I said in my past blog, Roseanne was fired from her own show because of her comment that she made. Yet, Whoopi Goldberg was still able to say hateful things about Trump. Shouldn’t Whoopi been fired? I say that she should have.

There is a big stink involving censorship and Facebook. Those who are Conservative are being censored and some even shut down on Facebook because of their views.

The group Dixie Chicks was also censored because of their comments about Pres. George W. Bush. It cost them a great penny. I have to tell you, they didn’t deserve the treatment they gotten. I have to admit, I took their side.

It goes to show, if you don’t agree with those on the Left, the fake mainstream news media will try to censor you, to silence you. Believe me, when my blog was shut down in June for just over a month; I thought for sure that I was being censored. I felt that that I had offended someone.

I’m here to tell you, I will not be silenced. I will speak my mind until the day I die. This is still a free country. We have right to the Freedom of Expression and the Freedom of Speech. I will be like the lead character in the book, “1984.” I will continue despite anyone who wants to take away my freedom. I will die for my rights of the freedom that I have.

It says in the Bible that those who proclaimed to be a Christian will be persecuted for their faith. It seems like it is happening more and more too. You got to watch what you say or else. You are not allowed to say things about certain groups or you will be sued or charge with a hate crime. Yet, those on the Left can continue saying whatever they want to anyone who disagree with them.