She Works Hard for the Money

Happy Mother’s Day!!

I wish a happy mother’s day to all those mothers who worked hard out in the workforce and in raising the family.

A mother’s job is never-ending. They are constantly working. They can bring home the bacon and fry it too.

Sure, there are mother’s out there, who doesn’t work outside the home; but they are still hard working in raising their family. They deserve all of our respects.

My mother worked very hard all of her life, up to the point of her stroke. This pictures was one of their last pictures of them together.

I want to say this though, Vice-President Dan Quale made a very big mistake; when he went after single mothers and especially the show Murphey’s Brown.

Single mothers have the hardest job ever. They have to be a mother and a father to their kids. They have to worked outside the home and still raised their children as well.

It takes a very special mother to do just that.

For the first 5 years of my life, my mother was a single mother trying her darnedest to raise me by herself. Sure, she had a little help from my grandmother. My mother never took handouts from the welfare system. There was times that she worked 2 jobs to raised me.

She was dating my real father and was about to marry him when she caught him with another woman. They broke up when I was around 2 years old; and I never seen him again. Believe me, I had a chance to see him before he died. (That was a whole different blog though.)

I was her pride and joy; because the doctors told her that she wouldn’t have any kids. Then I came along, as a miracle baby.

My mother worked up the point to practically giving birth to me. I was born 2 weeks early too. Within a short time, she went back to work to make sure that I was well fed, had clothes to wear, and a roof over my head.

She had made a lot of sacrifices in her life. Not just for me; but for all of her family. She wanted to be a nurse; but had to drop out of high school to help take care of her younger sister, JoAnne. It was after her father was killed by a train in Casselton; while walking across the railroad crossing.

While she was dating my step-dad, he only mentioned bringing 2 of his kids to live with us. One was of age and the other was almost of age so they didn’t really count. Anyway, she told him, either all of the kids or none at all.

Believe me, she loved all of her kids and grandkids as much as she loved me. She sacrificed so much for us all.

Family was very important to her. Whenever the family would get together for Christmas or other get together, she was busy cooking a big meal. She would gets up early to do so. She did it with not much help too.

That is why a mother’s job is never ending and very tiresome. She wanted the very best for all of her kids. I mean, she wanted me to be a lawyer for some reason; which she never told me.

My folks were married for 40 years and believe me they didn’t had too. She could had easily had taken him to the cleaners and got the farm and all of the kids. He would then had to pay child support.

Back to my real father, she never demanded that he paid her child support; so she could raised me. The only thing he paid was the hospital where I was born.

Single mothers have it tougher than married mothers. Yet, married mothers is also very tiresome as well.

Working mothers worked even harder; because they have 2 jobs if not more. They worked outside of the home and they worked even harder in raising their family as well. They cook and clean. They are the chief bottle washer.

I’m not saying that stay-at-home moms have it easy, by no means. Mothers never have it easy. Their jobs is very much important.

We learned a lot from our mothers. This is why Mother’s day was formed as a national holiday. So that we can honor all of our mothers out there. Mother’s Day is a National working women holidays.

Who I do not have respect for is mothers who is living on welfare and having babies after babies just to get more money from the Government. Some of those kids may have different fathers. They are taking advantage of the system. They should get out and get a job if they wants to keep their kids. Believe me, my mother worked 2 jobs to keep me.

These mothers living on welfare and having kids from different fathers just to get more assistance, should be made to get a job. They should have their tubes tied and their kids taken away from them if they refused to get a job.

Otherwise, I have a lot respect for mothers and honor them for all of their hard works and sacrifices they make for their children. Not just my mother; but all mothers want the best for their children. They will do whatever it takes to make sure that their children have a better life. They sacrifice a lot for their family.

I believe that my mother is watching over me. I believe that she was watching over me when I was in a car accident coming down from Mt. Rainier. I love and still at times miss her to this day.

Stay tune for next week when I will write about when parents possibly go too far like the latest scandal involving higher education and parents bribing the college administrations.