Everybody wants to be rich

Who doesn’t wants to be rich? Who doesn’t want to win the Powerball?

It’s the American dream to be rich.

I know that I would love to win the Powerball. Believe me, if I ever did win the Powerball, I would quit working and do what I love to do, like travel for instant. (Of course I will write about it in my blog.)

The lottery is the biggest revenue for the states that have it.

Gambling is a big business. Many casinos are making a killing on all those who are out there trying to strike it rich.

Las Vegas and Atlantic City are 2 of the biggest gambling city in this country.

I have to admit that I would love to go to Las Vegas; but only to say that I been there.

There are many casinos out there as well. Some of them are on Indians reservation.

I remembered years ago when my mother was alive, her and I would go down to Dakota Magic and sometimes Shooting Stars. We would leave early morning after she got done with work.

It seems that was the best time to go too. If a person gets there early, your chances of winning was a little higher. Then usually after 8am, the staff will goes around and it seems tighten the slot machine to make it more difficult to win.

It was fun gambling, but I didn’t have the fever as bad as my mother did. She was addicted to it like her other relatives.

As the hit song from Kenny Rogers, “You got know when to hold them, know when to fold them and know when to run.”

State governments spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually persuading people to buy lottery tickets.

A generation of young people is growing up believing that gambling is innocent-despite the fact that gambling spawns poverty, family breakdowns, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, joblessness and suicide.

There’s a book by John Steinbeck that is worth reading. That book is “The Pearl.” That book coincide with this topic about getting rich. In the book, the main character found a pearl. That pearl really changed him into the person he was a shame of knowing when he look in the mirror. He wasn’t the same person he was before he found the pearl.

It goes to show all that wealth can actually change a person into someone they may not be use to. I mean it would be nice to be rich and be able to quit working.

There are even churches that would host bingo games as fundraisers. Usually the Catholic and Lutheran churches would do that.

I used to play bingo a lot when I was younger. You may win but you don’t strike it rich. A lot of older people would play bingo for a fun activity.

Even these Publishing Clearing House sweepstakes are suckering people in with the idea of winning big and becoming rich. Sure, somebody got to win, but like the lottery your chances is slim.

The elderly are easily scammed by these sweepstakes. The reason why is because they are on a fix income and wants to somehow increase their incomes.

My step-dad never really gambled like my mother did; but he did get scammed by these sweepstakes.

When a person do win, like the main character in the book, “The Pearl,” it change them. Within a few years, they will blow their winnings.

If a person ever was to win, they would have to find a good financial advisor to keep from losing it all as quick as they had won it. Plus, they will have friends and relatives coming out of the woods begging for some your winning.

If you have the gambling fever real bad and it’s affecting your family, job, etc. there is help out there. The gambler hotline number is free; so you can call it for assistant to beat the addiction. The number is 1-800-522-4700. So if you can’t quit gambling, seek help immediately.

Buying a lottery ticket isn’t a problem if you can handle it. It’s when you are spending money that you can’t afford to spend in hoping to get rich; that’s when it’s becomes a problem.