Kennedy: American Royalty

President John F. Kennedy, the last great Democratic President.  He died too young by an assassinated bullet.  He was a Nationalist.  He was assassinated Nov. 22, 1963.

I have always been fascinated with the Kennedys.  They had this beautiful American dream story.  Joseph Kennedy Sr., was an Irish Immigrant.  He also served as an ambassador to Ireland.

I loved how they started to get where they are today.  Even though, there was some illegal things that they were involved in, like bootlegging and the mob.

Rose Kennedy was a strong mother figure that really knew how to groom her kids to make them presentable.  She kind of reminds me of Queen Elizabeth.

They did have a daughter that was mentally unstable.  Back then, it was common knowledge that if anyone had a mental illness, they were lock up in an Institution and even sterilize so that they couldn’t have any kids.  The daughter name was Rosemary.  Because of Rosemary, Eunice Kennedy started up the special Olympic.  I had volunteered for the special Olympic to help out with those with special needs.

I think one of the reason I was fascinated with the Kennedys, was because I have some similarity or connection with them one way or another.

The Kennedy was a big family, with around 12 kids.  My mother came from a big family, with 11 kids, 2 died as babies.  When I look at old photos of my mother’s family, it’s kind of make think of the Kennedys.

John F. Kennedy was a sickly child with different ailments, growing up.  I also was a sickly child myself.  My life was almost similar to John.

Joseph Jr. was killed during the war, so John, nickname Jack was soon groomed to become President of the United States.  John met and married Jacky in the ’50’s.  They had more than 2 kids but 2 lived. John Jr. and Katherine were treated like royalty in this country.  No other President’s kids were treated like that.

John F. Kennedy was the youngest President elected.  He was the first Irish Catholic President.  No one expected him to even be elected President.  He was a Nationalist.  He was one of the greatest President.  Some may wonder what he done to make him so great.  He just never live long enough to see his greatness through.  He was taken from us way too soon.

Another connection I have with the Kennedys is this.  When John and Bobby Kennedy were in Fargo, ND, they stayed at the old Gardner Hotel.  My mother was working there at the time that they were staying there.  She was one of the cooks there.  So you see, she cooked for the Kennedy’s even for a short time.

President Kennedy stood up to the Russians and put an embargo on Cuba, during the Cuban crisis.  It was under Obama that the embargo was lifted off Cuba.

President Kennedy was responsible in setting up program to help the American people.  He just never lived long enough to see it through.

Even though Joseph Kennedy Sr. and Rose Kennedy tried to hide the mental illness in their family, some of the kids still loved and was very close to their sister, Rose.  John was one who very close to his sister, Rose.

President Kennedy was the last President to be against the Federal Reserves.  The Federal Reserves came from Paris, France.  President Thomas Jefferson was the first President to be against it.  He saw the Federal Reserve to be corrupted.

From the internet movie, “Thrive”, President Kennedy may had been killed because of being against the Federal Reserve.

There is a bunch of conspiracy to why Pres. Kennedy was assassinated.  The Federal Reserve was one.  It’s almost like when a person takes on a big organization, that organization would stop at nothing to stop them.  The Established Republicans didn’t care for Reagan and they sure don’t care for Trump.

If you take on big organization they’ll either kill or make you just disappear.

The similarity between Kennedy and Lincoln is very strange.  Not only were they elected about 100 years apart.  They both had a vice-President with the last name Johnson.  Both Johnson were not really big fans of their President.  Lincoln had a Kennedy on his staff that warned him not to go to the theater.  Kennedy had a Lincoln that warned him about going to Dallas.  They both were shot in the back.

When Andrew Johnson became President, he was soon impeached after he was being investigated into the assassination of Lincoln.  When Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President, he was very much concerned the same thing would happen to him.  So he took steps to protect himself.

Some may say that the mob was behind in the killing of Kennedy as well, because he tried to disassociated himself from them.

Some even thinks that the Cubans and Russians were behind in the assassination.  So once again the Russians got blame for interfering into America’s politics; like they was with the last election.

The day President Kennedy was assassinated was one of the saddest day in history. Many have cried.  My only uncle left, the one who is a die-hard Republican really wept when Kennedy was killed.

Then in 1968, John’s brother, Bobby Kennedy was also assassinated as he ran for President.  It was almost like whoever was behind the killing of President Kennedy felt they better stop Bobby before he became President.

Edward Kennedy didn’t lived up to the legacy of his brothers, John and Bobby.  He was more of a Socialist/Liberal.  Whereas both John and Bobby were Conservative.  Plus, Edward had too much baggage to keep him from ever becoming President.  I think the younger Kennedys also had a hard time to live up to both John and Bobby as well.  Even though, John Jr. was being groomed to run for President, even though he may not had wanted it at first.  John Jr. and Katherine were treated like a prince and princess in this country.  When John Jr. was killed in a plane crash, the Kennedy dreams died with him.

Pres. Kennedy was the last great Democratic President.  Today’s Democrats would not accept him because he was too conservative for them.  Even though they may acknowledge him.

Today’s Republicans may acknowledge Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and even Ronald Reagan; but they will not accept them today. And those three will not approve of the Established Republicans.

Anymore than Pres. Kennedy would approve of today’s democrats.

You saw the connection I had with John F. Kennedy.  So in a way, both Bill Clinton and I had a connection with Pres. Kennedy.

I may be a Republican but I’m also an admire of the Kennedys as well.