Raise ‘Em Up!

Don’t let anyone tell you that pets doesn’t have feelings. They are nothing like children or a part of the family.

As I mentioned in last week blog, we can learn a lot about animal emotions. Take it from someone who had 2 cats and had dogs growing up as well.

There’s an AI experiment in which if animals could talk, what would they say?

Animals may not be able to talk like us; but they can still communicate. Last week, I talked about Koko, who was able to communicate through the use of sign language.

Animals have their own special way of communicating, we are just unaware of what they are actually saying.

Growing up, we had a small dog named, Peanuts. We got her when we were out West from our cousins. As we were eating a picnic lunch on the road, Peanuts wouldn’t eat and we couldn’t figure out why at first. Then when it started to rain, she was the first to get to the car before the family. Once in the backseat of the car, she then ate. She knew it was going to storm before we did.

Whenever we would say to her, “want to go by-by, she would excitedly run to get to the car before us.

She had her favorite chair in the house that she would sit in. One time, we brought in a stray black cat to feed and warm up. That cat, Blacky, was in Peanuts favorite chair. Peanuts look up the chair as to say, “that’s my chair,” and jumped up beside Blacky. That was the start of a beautiful friendship between them. When Blacky was fighting with another cat, Peanuts came to his defense by running up close enough barking to scare the other cat away from her friend. When Blacky was killed and Peanuts saw his body, she was very sad for the lost of her friend. She would cry herself to sleep.

As she was older, she had 2 puppies; and we had no idea that she was fertile. She was a good mother to her puppies.

There are some people who shouldn’t have pets or even children. If they abused their pets; who’s not saying that they wouldn’t abuse their children?

What would you think if you came upon a car during the hot summer day, and there was a dog or a child inside? Hopefully, you would do the right thing and report it for the sake of the dog or child.

My one cat, Snowball, was abused by his previous owner before I got him. He was scared at first, and took years to warm up. He came to trust me but it took longer for him to trust others. He loved giving me kisses. He would lay on my chest as I slept and kissed me. He would even lay under the covers. At the same time, he would hide under the bed if any strangers came to the apartment. When he misbehaved, it was easy to disciplined him; since he loved to sleep with me. I wouldn’t let him sleep with me if he misbehaved.

He tried to hang on as long as he could for me and his girlfriend, Tabitha; but he knew his time was up, when I ended up putting him down. He lived to be 18 years old. Toward the end of his life he was happy with me and Tabitha. He was happy to have a girlfriend; even though it took Tabitha a little time to adjust to him; since she was a Diva.

Moving on to raising children. There was a young child who was killed when she was hit by a car on South University near the old Kmart in the rain. I’ve seen the child while waiting for the bus with her mother. That mother shouldn’t even had that child. Instead of watching the child, she was playing on her phone, not paying attention to her child. That child would walked aimlessly unsupervised. Anyone could have snatch the child up. So it came as no surprise that the child was killed when she was hit in the rain by an oncoming car. I felt bad for the child. I felt bad for the person who hit the child, because she has to live with the guilt. But I didn’t feel sorry for the mother. Am I a bad person for that? No, because she shouldn’t have any kids.

How do we raise children in the age of fear? Who wasn’t disciplined when they were a child? Sometimes, disciplining is needed to raising healthy children and pets. Now days though, parents are afraid of discipling their children because they fear being labeled bad parents. I’m not saying that you should abuse them. There is a line between abuse and discipline.

When you have small children or even pets, there is no vacations. Packing can be a challenge.

Being a parent or an owner of pets is like being a CEO of a small business.

Margaret Mead wrote, “A society that cuts off older people from meaningful contact with children, a society that segregates any group of men and women in such a way that they are prevented from having or caring for children, is greatly endangered.”

To get my grandmother to take her insulin, my mother held me over her head by threatening to take me and leave. She was accused of being mean to her mother for doing that. Was she?

One good thing that came out of the Pandemic was the fact that parents were able to finally see what was being taught to their children in schools. Now they are speaking out against what is being taught. They are going to school board meetings, speaking out. They are being labeled domestic terrorist for doing so. There was a Senator from New Hampshire who recently told that the parents should shut up and let the teachers teach their children. Those on the Left is blaming the parents for the poor education of their child.

Children learn by watching others. Much like pets also learned by watching their owners. What kind of role model will you be to your children?

Even Joe Biden chimed in by also calling parents domestic terrorist for speaking out against the school board over the way their children are being educated. He even said that the children isn’t the parent’s children; but rather everyone children.

You know who said that first? Adolf Hitler said that, as he was recruiting teenage boys to be part of his Nazi organization. Hitler was after the children for his own agenda; much like Biden and those on the Left is after our children today.

I’m glad that parents are finally standing up for their children. It’s the parents responsibility to raise their children, not the government and not the teachers.

Just like those who own pets, they have to step up and treat them right. Don’t abuse your pets and don’t abuse your children! You can discipline, just don’t step out of line. There is a thin line between abuse and disciplining.

Those who mistreat their pets, are more likely to abuse their children. Pets are as much part of the family as your kids. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.