FBI: A Joke No One is Laughing

Now the FBI has always been known to be a bad joke in this country. They have been known to leave a bad taste in the American people’s mouth. So with today’s FBI is nothing new to the American people and their lack of trust of them.

The full name for the FBI is: Federal Bureau of Investigation. They investigate cyber attacks by criminals, oversees adversaries, and terrorists. They also investigate Counterintelligence; which exposed, prevent, and investigate intelligence activities, including espionage in the United States. They are lead agency for enforcing civil rights law, aggressively investigates hate crime, color of law abuses by public officials, human trafficking, and involuntary servitude, and freedom of access to clinic entrances violations.

They failed at public corruption that includes border corruption and election crimes. I’ll go into this more later in this blog.

They investigate weapons of mass destruction, organized crimes, such as the MOB, Violent crime, White-collar crime. These are just some of their jobs that they seems to fail at.

They have been known to get their man; which is an oxy-moron.

J. Edgar Hoover was the first director of the FBI. He served under Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy. He was known to be a cross-dresser, making him the butt of all jokes.

In July 22, 1934, it was the death of Dillinger. Now John Dillinger was the most notorious of the Depression-era gangsters. He was the leader of a ruthless band of gun-slinging bank robbers in Chicago. He was able to charm the press and the American people in believing he was a harmless Robin Hood. Movies were made about him, such as “The Untouchable.”

The first shootout in which Gordon Kahl was involved took place in Medina, North Dakota on February 13, 1983. This was a great tragedy in our history of this country, North Dakota, and the FBI biggest flubbed-up, to now.

I’m not defending Gordon Kahl by any means. He was a tax-evader on probation violation. He was an anti- federal government farmer from Medina, North Dakota. He was charged with willful failure to file federal income tax returns for the years of 1973 and 1974.

The FBI set up a roadblock north of Medina to stopped Gordon Kahl, his son Yorie Kahl, wife Joan Kahl, Scott Faul, and 2 other men who had attended Kahl’s Posse Comitatus meetings. The way this was handled by the FBI marshal was the most deadliest in North Dakota’s history. They had much better opportunity to get Gordon Kahl that could had avoided this massive shootout in Medina. They chose the route they took in which was the most deadliest.

Few years later, there was a FBI agent in a Fargo’s bar, Rooter, who fired his pistol into the ceiling of Rooters bar downtown Broadway, in Fargo, North Dakota. This agent was also involved with the deadliest shootout in Medina, North Dakota involving Gordon Kahl and his family.

Now let’s get to the real failure of the FBI, the most recent one at that. The FBI had it out for Donald Trump ever since he was elected President in 2016. Even though, Hoover may had been a Republican when he was the director of the FBI; today’s FBI seems to be in the pockets of the Democrats party. Now the FBI is supposed to remain bias for justice sake for all Americans; but because of their hatred for Trump, they were blinded by injustice to stop at nothing to get Trump.

I mean, they had evidence to get Hillary Clinton for all her crimes; but they overlooked them to focus on Trump instead. They did all they can to set Trump up; which cause the House Democrats to impeach him, not once but twice. Yet it was overturned by the Senate. Conmy, the FBI director during that time had lied about Trump and covered-up the scandal involving Hillary Clinton in the process.

The FBI even said that Russia colluded with the 2016 election to get Trump elected. They even said that Trump was in cahoots with Russia. We all know that’s a lie!

They said that the 2016 election was a fraud because Trump had beaten Hillary Clinton in a landslide; but yet they refused to investigate the 2020 election for fraud as well. It’s no way in hell that Joe Biden could had beaten Trump. There were votes that were disposed of instead of being counted. It can’t be proven because the FBI refused to look into it. I mean, how can someone who campaign the whole time in his basement win the election. It makes no sense at all.

That was one of the reason for the Capital riot occurred. Now it’s proven because of the video tape Kevin McCarthy had sent to Tucker Carlson showing that the Capital police was escorting the people around in the Capital; which is a whole different story that the mainstream news media failed to recognized.

What about Hunter and Joe Biden corruptness? The FBI sat on evidence involving Hunter Biden’s missing laptop. They knew about that even before the election but refused to have Hunter and Joe Biden investigated for their crimes as well. They were committing illegal crimes with China, Russia, and the Ukraine when Biden was Vice-President under Obama. Even Obama, himself had something to do with it as well. If you mentioned anything on this of Facebook and Twitter, you were factcheck and put in Facebook jail for misinformation.

The Washington Post knew about this as well but chose not to report it.

When parents stood up at the schoolboard meeting to speak out against what being taught to their children, Joe Biden and the FBI called them domestic terrorist.

Just like those in the so-called Capital Riot was labeled domestic terrorist.

Anyone who disagree with Biden is a domestic terrorist; so I guess I’m a domestic terrorist along with my brother from a different mother, Tucker Carlson. All MAGA Republicans are domestic terrorist according to Biden and the FBI.

I think the FBI needs to be investigated for the way they handled these last few years. A lot of American people are very angry with them and have a lack of trust of them even more than ever before. The FBI should even be shut down because of their corruption these last few years.

Now you wonder why no one trust the FBI even more now. Now you wonder why they are a bad joke that leaves a bad taste in the American people’s mouth.

The FBI may want to come after me because of this blog exposing them to their corruption.

If you agree that the FBI should be investigated, please contact your local Senator and Representative. If you think that the FBI sat on Hillary Clinton’s and the Biden’s crimes, please contact your local Representative.