Reason to Party

I know that the Super Bowl isn’t until next week; so this blog is week early.

Do you know that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest reason people get together to party? More people watch the Super Bowl than any other shows. It’s the most top rated TV show ever.

Baseball is supposed to be America’s favorite pastime. Nothing is supposed to be more American than baseball and hot dogs. Well, football is quickly taking that title away. Maybe because there is more action in football than baseball.

More people watched the Super Bowl than they watched the Oscar. The Oscars is usually long and boring; and people is not to keen on Hollywood stars anymore since they have gone crazy to the Left.

Even though, some football players had took a cause by kneeling during the National Anthem, people still seems to watched the Super Bowl for their entertainment. It gives them a reason to party. Like we need another reason to party!

I mean, who doesn’t like to party?

A party is a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment. There is as much drinking of alcohol at a Super Bowl party as there is a New Years Eve party. As a rule, food is included in the Super Bowl party but BYOB; which is bring your own beer is recommended. That’s also depends on who you are partying with.

The type of food served at the Super Bowl party are: chili, nachos, Buffalo wings, and pizzas. Nothing real healthy about that! People doesn’t seems to care, as long as they are gathered together with friends watching the big game on TV. All they seems to care about is seeing a good game being played.

I have seem some good games and some bad games. Some of the games, a person wondered how in the world the team got into the Super Bowl?

Then there’s the Super Bowl ads. The advertising companies forked over big bucks on ads in hoping to lure people to buy their products. Some ads are pretty amazing. Sometimes, the commercials are way better than the game itself.

Do we really need another reason to drink?

Then there’s the halftime show! Some are pretty good and some can leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Some halftime shows can be so disgusting and inappropriate. One of the worse one that I can remember is when Janet Jackson performed with Justin Timberlake, and he groped her tearing her outfit exposing her breast on national TV. Some may wondered if it was staged or what? Did Justin meant to do it or was he a victim of Janet? Who was the victim there?

This year performing during the halftime show is Rihanna. She’s popular and beautiful but is she appropriate for young people who may be watching? I’m not too crazy about her since she had gone too far to the left politically. She seems to be anti-American in her viewpoints. I can understand people standing up for what they believe in; but must they push their belief onto the rest of us?

This year it came very close to having a match-up between the Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings. They both were in the playoffs. They both been to 4 Super Bowls and lost all 4 of them. I was kind of hoping for both teams to make it to the Super Bowl. I was prepared to eat my words I said about the Minnesota Vikings. It could have been a good Super Bowl; because both teams would have a must win attitude. They both would have played to win and give it their all, to be the next team to finally win a Super Bowl after the Denver Broncos did it after the 5th time. I would had routed for the Bills to win though. Sorry Vikings!! The Vikings had choked once again, just like the Cowboys.

It would have been good to see the Bills and the Giants; but they both lost as well.

This year Super Bowl is the Philadelphia Eagles vs the Kansas City Chiefs. I’m glad that the Eagles won the Super Bowl when Carson Wentz was the quarterback against the New England Patriots. They wiped the smug off Tom Brady’s face; which was good to see.

The Kansas City Chiefs have also won their Super Bowl. I also have been to the Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City.

They say it’s history because both team has a black quarterback. I can’t see Patrick Mahomes as being black though. I mean he looks white to me.

Then there are brothers playing against each other on the opposing team. Travis Kelce for the Chiefs and Jason Kelce for the Eagles. Now that’s more history than the quarterback. I mean, who would their parents route for? They don’t want to show favoritism.

I will be watching the Super Bowl next Sunday in hoping for a good game and good commercials. I’m not looking forward to the halftime show though. Even though, I like my share of alcohol; I won’t be drinking because I will be with people who doesn’t drink.

Are you ready for my pick to win the Super Bowl? Can I get a drum roll please? My pick to win the Super Bowl is the Kansas City Chiefs. I want to hear from you if you either agree or disagree. Are you ready for some football? Are you ready to party like it’s 1999? It’s party time again!!