Revolving Door

The definition of revolving doors are: a set of doors that you go through by pushing them around in a circle.

If you say that a situation is a revolving door, you mean that people or other things are continuously coming and going, rather than staying somewhere.

A situation in which a lot of different people do a particular job or work for a particular company for a short time and then leave.

The one I’m going to discuss here involves employers who has a huge revolving door of employees constantly leaving and the reason behind that major problem. Hopefully, those in management will learn from this and works to plug up the hole. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Anymore than you lead a horse to water and make them drink it. They are going to want to see their errors and be willing to make some changes starting with themselves. Anymore, than you can get people to seek counseling. They got to want to get help and do better to change. All I’m going to do is show them; the rest is up to them.

Right now since the Pandemic, there is a huge revolving door problems; and that’s a whole different situation. It’s an employees market right now, and employers know that. It’s up to them if they are going to do anything about it to seal up the problem.

Money is the big solution to the problem; but it’s not the only solution. You can’t keep throwing money at the problems like the Democrats want to do. Anymore than a mother can bribe her child or grandchild with food or whatever they may want. It’s just a pacifier, a temporary fix to the problem.

Some employers actually think that they can bribe the employees to get them to do what they want or to keep the help they have.

There are jobs that is pretty good at keeping their help well satisfied. They don’t have the revolving door problems. They are hard to come by. You don’t really see very much help wanted signs from them. The only time that may happen, if someone either retire or die or some other situations.

Now jobs that is constantly looking for help, a person must be leery about. They must look into why they have such a revolving door of employees, such a high turnover. What’s the reason behind it?

The number 1 reason is the pay of course. The next big reason is: what kinds of benefits do they have? There’s one thing people doesn’t really think about to being a reason for the high turnover of employees, and that is how is the management. How does the manager treat the workers? Do they respect them? Are they very authoritative and demanding; while sitting in their office on their fat ass expecting the workers to tow the mark, much like a slave. Are you treated like a slave or like a human being?

One time for Halloween while working at Kmart, I dressed up as a slave. I used my clock number instead for a name tag. The manager just didn’t get it. They didn’t get the message I was sending. Believe me, I’m thinking about doing it again for Halloween.

I said before, my favorite movie out there is “The Help.” Even though it was based in the ’60’s and was about race. It’s coincide with this blog. I believe that managers and managers-in-training should watch this movie before becoming a manager. That should be a part of any manager’s course along with the Dale Carnegie manager training course. It’s free and there are even books out there to study.

Once again, there may be some who are not qualified to be a manager though. They don’t have the personality for it. Or they may have been pushed into a job they really do not want to do. They were even push into that position by the company or by their parents; especially their mother.

If they’re not happy doing their job; how do you expect them to treat employees decently?

Cash Wise and when Kmart was open, had a huge high turnover of employees. We all knew Kmart reason but that’s a whole different situation. There was a manager who just wasn’t happy being a manager, and he treated the workers badly, and didn’t understand why he got such a low approval rating. Once he retired, he was a whole different person. He was happier. I noticed it when he came into the store to shop and told him that he seems to be a lot happier. He was doing what he loved; instead doing what he may had been pushed into doing.

There may be other managers like that either where you work or places that have a high turnover of employees.

Some jobs will have a high turnover because of the type of work it is. There are some jobs people don’t like doing but they have to, to make a living. Not everybody can have a perfect white collar job. There have to be someone to do the dirty work. Someone to take fly shit out of the flour so to speak.

Years ago, people would stick with a job like that , no matter how bad it may be. Now days people doesn’t have to do that. I mean, there is many opportunities out there, compared to when my parents were young. Maybe, that’s why employers feels they can bribe employees with good pay and benefits; but that’s only a band-aid to the problem.

I think this is one of the reason labor union was formed, as a band-aid.

Doesn’t employers realize it cost more to constantly train new employees every so often? Wouldn’t it be better for managers to learn to treat employees betters than to be constantly training new employees? It would be cost efficient.

Restaurants and retailers have a very high turnover and that’s expected. Even being a custodian and dishwasher will have a high turnover as well.

There is one of the biggest employers out there that I cannot mention by name; but I’m sure a person will know who I’m talking about; that have a high turnover of employees. You wouldn’t think they would. You would think that they would me way smarter. It goes to show that is not always the case.

So instead of throwing money at the problem, to pacifier it; why not really truly do something about it. Why not put managers through a strict training process to properly train them to be a better manager. If they can’t cut it for some reason such as their personality or whatever the reason get rid of them, by suggesting to them to find a job more suitable for them.

Like I said earlier, it’s an employees market out there right now. Employees have the upper hand; not the employers. The employers needs to learn that starting with the managers.