Revolving Door

Do you ever wonder why some employers have a revolving door problem?

I mean, there are some jobs that seems to always be hiring, looking for help. Does it make you wonder why?

I’m sure you may know some of those employers; so I don’t have to name them for you. I may name a few to get the point across; but mainly I will give reasons for the revolving doors problems.

Before I do that, I just want to say this right off the top,

President Biden made a comment to the high unemployment because of the pandemic. He said, “The reason for high unemployment is because of all of the unvaccinated people out there still.”

Once again, Mr. Joe Biden, you are wrong. It’s not the unvaccinated who is to blame but you and the government. I mean, why work when you can sit home and get all this free money from the government. Businesses can’t compete with that. Government doesn’t create jobs! They just make it rough for anyone who own a business by putting too much regulation on them, creating more problems.

I do agree that employers should pay their workers better and give them decent benefits. When the government force it, businesses suffer, especially small ma and pa businesses. Or the bigger businesses take their business out of the country.

Something good is coming out of this though. Businesses are offering incentives and bonuses when they hired someone. The bad things about it though is after staying with the company long enough to get the bonus, they move on to the next job prospect with even a better bonus or incentive. The younger generation doesn’t stick with a job as long as the older generation. (I won’t go into detail on why because that’s a whole different blog.)

I will say this though. As you get older, you are more likely to think about retirement; so you don’t want to be job hunting. Whereas, when you are young, you don’t think about retirement. You just want to have fun, make as much money as you can and live for today. They believed that a person only live once; so you might as well live it up.

A better paying job with benefits is very important to keep the employees happy. There is another things that is also very vital and that is how you are being treated on the job by the manager. Is the manager a good one or a jerk?

I remembered when we were asked at Kmart to do a survey, rating our manager 2 years in a row. Both years, the manager at the time had gotten a bad review and couldn’t understand why. He called a meeting and chewed us all out because of his bad review.

So you see, Kmart was one of the businesses who had a revolving door problem; but they weren’t alone. I mean look at Walmart, Cash Wise, and Don’s Car wash, just to name a few.

Some managers probably shouldn’t be a manager. They don’t have the proper people skills, or cannot handle the stress, and so they take it out on the employees instead.

Back to that manager at Kmart before going into this book; after he retired, he was so much calmer. It was like either he couldn’t handle the stress of running the store or he was in the wrong job; and he hated his job.

I think to be a manager, a person must have good people skills. They should also go to manager’s training course, such as the Dale Carnegie’s training course.

A manager should act like a manager but not a dictator.

It seems that some people when they become a manager, the power goes to their head and they forget where they were before they became a manager. They rather sit in their office bossing people around instead of actually getting their hands dirty.

It’s important that your employees think you are smart. In other words, have a little common sense.

A manager shouldn’t abuse their their power they have over their employees. In other words, don’t be a jerk to them. Treat them with respect and you shall get the same respect back from them. If you abuse your authority, you will have no respect from your employees.

When morale is low, productivity will also be down.

Trust is also very important for a manager. If the employees can trust you enough to come to you; you’re doing your job as a manager. But if you make them uncomfortable when you are around. They just seethes every time you are in the office, you have a problem.

To improve employees satisfaction you must increase salaries, improve the working environment, respect them, appreciate them, don’t take advantage of your employees; otherwise, they may get burnt out. In other words, a manager must be willing to do the job so that the employees can have time off; especially on weekends(Sunday).

Keep your employees happy. A happy employees is productive employees.

When you show appreciation of your employees do it more than just a piece of paper. I’ll never forget back at Kmart when a different manager gave the employees a piece of paper saying, “we appreciate you.” We all look at him and just shook our head.

Like I said before, money is the best motivator to the employees. I remembered when they used to have drawing at the Fargo Dome at our annual meeting to win prizes, good prizes too.

I could go on and on but I think you can get the message.

Amazon has this policy that they would rather you not be a lifer working for them. You work so many years and then move on to something else; that way they don’t have to give you an increase in your salary, worry about your retirement, etc.

My question is: wouldn’t it be better to pay and treat your employees better so that they will want to stay? Isn’t it more expensive and time consuming to retrained a new person every so often? I don’t know about you but I would rather have a good employees to stick with the job than to be constantly looking for new help. It’s frustrating to be constantly looking for help. It’s hard on the employees you do have; who have to work like a dog because you’re short handed and can’t seem to get and keep the help.