Dole-the Clintons

Back in the ’90’s the Democrats had the Clintons as being a powerhouse couple; and the Republicans had Bob and Elizabeth Dole. There is big differences between these 2 power political couples. The main ones: was integrity. Bob and Elizabeth Dole had more integrity than the Clintons.

You all know all about all the crimes committed by the Clintons, from Whitewater-Pres. Clinton committing perjury when he denied having sex with Monica Lewinsky-the scandal in Benghazi-Hillary’s email’s scandals-Jeffrey Epstein.

You can’t say there was any scandals involving Bob and Elizabeth Dole.

At the age of 97, Bob Dole was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He was a native of Russell, Kansas for almost 36 years before resigning from the Senate in 1996 to challenge Bill Clinton. He was also Gerald Ford running mate back in 1976 when he ran against Jimmy Carter.

When Bob Dole ran for President against Bill Clinton in 1996, I was able to see him while he was in Moorhead, Minnesota. I supported him as he ran for president back then.

Not only did I meet Bob Dole, I met Mitch McConnell when he also joined Bob Dole in Moorhead. Back then Mitch McConnell wasn’t the Rhino Republican he is today. They were both very nice people at the time; and I knew without a doubt that Bob Dole had more integrity than Bill Clinton ever thought of having. Plus, he was from the Midwest; which America truly needed to have instead of someone from either the East Coast, West Coast, or Texas. I was also an young Republican too.

Then 4 years later, I voted for his lovely wife, Elizabeth Dole in her run for President. The Established Republicans such as McConnell didn’t want her as President, for some reasons. They had their minds set on George W. Bush.

Elizabeth Dole held a cabinet under Reagan and the first George Bush. She also served under Richard Nixon. She was Secretary of Transportation under Reagan and Secretary of Labor under the first George Bush. She was also a Senator from North Carolina from 2003-2009. She also served as member of the Federal Trade Commission and the Red Cross.

It was after she step down from the Red Cross that they had their problems. She was the second woman next to Clara Barton to serve as President of the Red Cross.

She was inducted into Indiana Wesleyan University Society of World Changers. Here’s a quote from her, “I believe in the innate goodness of the American people. I believe in the values that made this country what it is; courage, perseverance, generosity, faith, and a commitment to service.

Back in 2000, when she ran for President, I supported her and voted for her for President. Whereas, the old Dogs of Washington didn’t want her. They were scared of her for some reasons. They wanted George W. Bush much like they wanted Jeb Bush in 2016. I wrote in her name in that election because I didn’t want another Bush. That was the start of me not being happy with the Established Republicans; and was so glad to have Trump come along when he did.

Elizabeth Dole was a Feminist and a powerful woman but she didn’t flaunt or abuse her power like Hillary Clinton. You could trust her; whereas as you couldn’t trust Hillary Clinton.

Bob Dole could possibly had beaten Bill Clinton for President, if he focused on his wife, Elizabeth. That way it would had put the two powerful women up against each other. Then the American people could see who had more integrity and who could be trusted more.

So you see, it wasn’t a woman President I was scared of, it was Hillary Clinton. Elizabeth Dole would had been a better President than George W. Bush; because of her leadership ability.

The scary part now, Kamala Harris is even more scarier than Hillary Clinton; because she is just an idiot with idiotic ideas that will destroy America.

So you see, I had voted for both Bob and Elizabeth Dole in their run for President in 1996 and 2000. With Bob Dole, I was still young and naive; but with Elizabeth Dole, I felt that she was the better person for the job.

At the 2016 Republican’s convention, Bob Dole was honored for his service to this country not only as a veteran but also as a Senator. Even Trump himself honored him.

Now it’s my turn to honor both Bob and Elizabeth Dole in this blog. Thank you both for your service to this great country of ours. I just wish that we could had at least one of you as President. It would had been much better to had Elizabeth Dole as President over George W. Bush; who should never had been President.