Where’s De Bone?

Do you remember the old Wendy’s commercial, in which 3 elderly ladies, and Clara Peller shouted, “Where’s the Beef?”

Well how about where’s the bones in boneless pork chops, ribs, and chicken wings?

Have you ever eaten boneless pork chops?

I don’t know about you; but there’s no flavor. When you cook it, you have to do all you can to spice it up to make it more edible.

I can understand wanting to eat healthy. I’m trying to do that myself. You just can’t skimp on flavor in the process. Most of the flavors for the pork chops is near the bone. That’s one of the reasons dogs love chewing on bones. They know where the flavor is at! They can chew on that bone until it’s almost gone or some may even buried it for a later day.

Because people are so health conscious, it’s harder to find pork chops with the bones. I ate but it was very dry and unflavored. I had to look for ways spiced them up; so that I could eat them. That was before I started focusing on eating healthier.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to skimp on flavor! You looks for recipes to cook with herbs and seasonings, other than salt.

Just like boneless chicken wings! Who bright ideas is that? Chicken have wings. They can’t fly but they have wings.

When it comes to chicken, I love eating the legs and the wings. You can keep the breast. It’s too dry for me.

When you order wild wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, you want want the bones not boneless.

Just like when you order Bar-b-cue ribs, you want the bones as well. That way you can just suck on the bones to get all the flavors off you pork chops, ribs, and chicken wings.

McDonalds have their famous McRibs sandwich that they bring back every so often. Some people seems to like them too. Now with me, I don’t see what’s so good about them. They are fattening and have no flavor whatsoever. It reminds me of the old school lunch ribs sandwich. Dry!! Like eating sawdust! The bar-b-cue sauce isn’t very tasty either. You get more bun than you do meat. No wonder Clara Peller shouted, “Where’s the beef!”

McDonalds may have good fries and good malts; but not good McRibs.

When I was a kid, my folks would buy pork chops with the bones in them. Once we were done, we gave what was left to the dog. I remembered my mother making ribs with sauerkraut either in her croc pot or the oven. So good!!

Bar-B-Cue ribs is finger-licking good! It’s very messy to eat and they’re suppose to be. You’re suppose to get it all over when you eat it. You need extra napkins and wipes just to eat those ribs. If they’re boneless, what’s the point?

I’m sorry if I’m making you hungry here. Go ahead and find yourself a good ribs place, chicken wings place or even good boned pork chops and enjoy it the way God intended us to. Those who lives in Fargo, ND or surrounding area, come check out Ribfest at the the Fargo Dome this week. Bring enough money with you; because they are not cheap. You can eat ribs and other fair foods. You can listen and watch concerts in the evening while eating your ribs outside. You can get good entertainment with music, food and for guys, beautiful women.

Before Famous Dave got their restaurant in Fargo, they were at Ribfest; to me they weren’t as good. I’ve had better. Years ago, there was a rib place in St. Paul, Minnesota that had the best bar-b-cue ribs. No Bulls, downtown Fargo, has some good ribs; I’m sure that you can get better ribs in Kansas City or Memphis.

You want to eat healthy; but you cannot skimp on flavor to do so. So when you buy pork chops or ribs, make sure that they are not boneless. The same with chicken wings!

If dogs know where the flavor is, shouldn’t we pay attention to them?

There’s no bone about it!