We will Survive!!

Are you like me and tired of all the depressing news you get from the mainstream fake news media? Do you just wants a little good news for a change?

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the mainstream news media is all doom and gloom over this pandemic. They make it sounds like there’s no hope at all for us because of the Coronavirus.

I find that when I watch Fox news, I get more hope for dealing with this Coronavirus. They give us hope for this country. They give us hope that we will overcome and survive. We are overcomer!

I’m here to tell you that we will survive this pandemic. This wasn’t the first crisis that the United States and the world is going through. And this won’t be the last. As the long as the world is still standing, there will be disasters, until the good Lord return again. It says so in the Bible. This will only make us stronger and hopefully wiser.

Around 1918, the United States went through a pandemic of all pandemic with the Spanish Flu. It lasted around 2 years. We got through that and came out on top.

Back then, we didn’t have the fake mainstream news media we got now scaring us. The Spanish Flu was way tougher than the Coronavirus. It killed a lot of people. Yet, there was also a lot of people who survived it as well.

Those who survived, survived it because there’s immune system was much better than what it is today. People ate healthier back then. There was no chemicals put into our food supplies and the ground that grows our foods. We didn’t have the poisons we have now. There was no telling you that you had to get a flu shot back then and people still survive without the flu shot. We survived because we used our common sense and home natural remedies. They didn’t had to shut the government down and every businesses back then.

This country survived the Stock Market crash just before the Great Depression. Sure there were people who jump out of the windows because of it. Before I made my investment decisions, I was told, not to get scared when the stocks falls; because it will rise again. This warning wasn’t only from my financial advisor but also a teacher I had in high school.

This country survived the Great Depression and got back on it’s feet. Part of the Great Depression was the Wall Street Crash and another was the dust storms in the Great Plains states. We survived because of hard works and common sense.

We survived the attack on Pearl Harbor; which dragged the United States into World War 2. After the World War 2, we had the baby boomers.

We survived the Y2K back in 2000. The fake mainstream news media used our fears to scare us. They said that there will be a worldwide blackout once the clock turned to 2000. The reason they gave was because the system wasn’t set up to deal with all the zeros. So people hoard things like generators and others back then as they hoard things during the Coronavirus.

Nothing happen? We didn’t have a worldwide blackout like the media scared us to believe would happen?

This country survived the attack on the World Trade Center during 9/11. The economy didn’t collapse.

Sure, we was in a long dragged out war in the Middle East, because of it. As bad as I hated George W. Bush, it was better that he was President than Al (I invented the internet)Gore. I progress, I’m sorry!

Just a few short months ago, everything including the Government was shut down because of the Coronavirus. Everyone was forced to stay home!

The Democrats and the mainstream news media will have you believe that this is the end and President Trump is to blame.

I heard last week that God shut things down just to get our attention. He wants us back.

We will overcome this and come back stronger than ever. I just hope that we will also become wiser. We will survive this as we did other crisis. All we have to do is use common sense. All we have to do is quit poisoning our food supplies and putting poisons into our bodies.

These poisons are weakening our immunes system. It us making us sicker and weaker.

They didn’t have all that poisons during the Spanish Flu of 1918, and they survived.

The economy will bounce right back. The Stock Market will rise again. People will be back to work and enjoying life once again. We will get through this as we did before.

If you happen to have the mainstream news media on they are scaring you by taking away your hope, just shut them off. It’s time the American people tell them where to get off.

If you want a little hope, turn to Fox news for a change.

We need some good news for a change. We need to hear some hope for a change. I don’t know about you; but I like hearing survival stories of those beating cancer or any survival stories. That’s good news and it gives us hope.

The Bible is full of hope for us all.

Don’t let the world take away that hope by scaring us. The devil would love for us not to have hope.

We will survive this! We are overcomer! Those who are Christians have hope. Those who lives out in the country and can plant their own garden, grow their own food without putting these poisonous chemicals in it, will survive.

My hope when you read this, you will find hope during this pandemic. I hope this will brings you victory. This is my prayer for you.