We can learn from Our History

This may or may not surprise you; but I always enjoyed history. History was one of my favorite subject in high school. But what can you do with a degree in history? My grades in history was exceptional.

What we learn in history can help us from repeating things and making the same mistakes over and over again. But first, we must study our history to prevent repeating it.

Even though there was some things I was never taught in history class. There are some things the teachers will leave out. Sometimes, teachers may be a little bias too.

For one thing I wasn’t taught about the Vietnam War in History. I was taught about what was going on in this country during the Vietnam War. It could had been that it was still fresh on the people’s minds. I don’t know the reasons. We could had ran out of time during the school years.

What you are not taught in history class; you can look it up on-line. Thank God for the internet.

Few years ago, I read in the paper, that today’s high school students are not taught about the Holocaust. Some don’t even know what the Holocaust was. Ilhan Omar is one prime example; especially at what she says about Israel.

Teachers are more Liberal than they were when I was in school. They will slant history like the fake mainstream news media just to suit their own agendas. Some may even try to rewrite history if they could. If they don’t agree what was in the history book, they may either overlook it or change it a little.

Luckily for the internet, we have the opportunity to really know what happens in our history.

There is this person I know who just recently became a teacher. I heard her say, “if any of her students did a history report and it wasn’t in the history book or she doesn’t agree with the truth about the history information; she will fail them.”

Believe me, if I was a parent of that child that she failed because she doesn’t agree with the historic information; I would take it to the schoolboard and have her fired.

So many of these Liberals, teachers, news media, and the Leftist Democrats are trying to rewrite history. The reason, they don’t agree or like what they see.

Let’s get straight the point!

As you know the Democrats under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and these Leftist are trying to impeach President Trump. They have nothing on him. They couldn’t get him for the Russian collusion involving 2016 election. So they are now trying with this Ukraine incident; which is just big theater, just a joke; and a bad one at that.

They dislike and disrespect him so much that they can’t see straight. They know deep down that they can’t beat him in the 2020 election. They just wants to stop him so bad that they will stop at nothing to bring him down.

They should learn from history.

I mean back when Bill Clinton was President, the Republicans went and impeach him. Believe me, he was guilty; whereas Trump did nothing wrong.

President Clinton was guilty of the Whitewater scandal; yet it couldn’t be proven. All the Republicans were able to get Pres. Clinton on was the fact that he had an affair in the White House with an intern(Monica Lewinski); and then he lied about it.

That impeachment just blew up in the Republicans’ faces. They were the laughing stock in Washington. Just like the Democrats are today. It cost them the House and the Senate, the following election. It took them a few years for them to get back control of the House and the Senate too.

If the Democrats continue with this foolishness, they too will lose the House once again. The Presidential candidates will not get elected in the 2020 election.

Even though, the Republicans went all out to impeach Clinton, Newt Gingrich and Pres. Clinton was able to work together to balance the budget.

Just like Tip O’Neill and Pres. Reagan was also able to work together in end. They had respect for each and were friends when all said and done.

You can’t say the same thing with Nancy Pelosi and Pres. Trump. It’s pure hatred on the Democrats sides. Nancy Pelosi is only trying to appease her own Leftist party.

Like I said earlier, if they would just learn from their history; they wouldn’t be doom to repeat it and make the same mistakes. Instead of rewriting history, we must learn from it.

What they are trying to impeach Trump on not only will it hurt them; it will also hurt Joe Biden.

What they are accusing Trump on, President Obama had done the same thing when he was President, and no one bat an eye.

To me, it’s like they are saying, “an employer doesn’t have the right to do a background check on possible employees.” That’s all Trump may or may not have done involving the Ukraine and Joe Biden; and even Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats will never ever get my votes again because of what they are doing.

Next week, I will discuss more about why I like President Trump even more today, in part 2: “We got who we got because who we had.”