Do We really Need That? Part 2

Last week I mentioned the Plaza that is being built in downtown Fargo, and how I felt that there is better things that Fargo can spend their money on then that.

This week, I will be discussing the Keystone pipeline being built in North Dakota.

I’m going to let you know right away that I am against it.  I feel that it will hurt our farmlands with pollutions.  It will make it difficult for the farmers to make an honest day living providing food to feed the whole world.  I will give other reasons too.

About 2 years ago, give or take, there was a protest against the Keystone pipeline being built over the Native Americans sacred burial grounds.  To the Native Americans, their burial ground is sacred.  They believe in the spirit of their love ones and ancestors.  I was taught growing up that you don’t go trampling through the cemetery.  It’s like you are dishonoring the dead.  I also know that their bodies may be there, but their spirits is all around us watching over us.  I believe that wholeheartedly.

The older generations believe that we must honor the dead by decorating their graves for Memorial Day weekends.  Stores even profit on that.

I don’t want to dwell on this though; besides, I already talked about this in my blog “Gone but not Forgotten.”

I was for the peaceful demonstration that the Native Americans did against the Keystone pipeline.  When it had turned nasty was when the people from Hollywood (Hollyweird) got involved.  They turned a peaceful march into a drag out battle.  It likes anything, when the Leftist gets involve.

Not only are they building the Keystone pipeline, the oil company wants to build another pipeline going from North Dakota to Texas.  You wouldn’t believe where they want to start building it?

They wants to start building it at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.  It will be not far from Medora, ND.

That’s a historical National Park.  Our former Governor, Ed Shaffer’s parents were proud supporters of the Medora Musicals.  They wouldn’t approve of the pipeline going through Medora.

Do you also know who wouldn’t approve of both pipelines?

One of the great Republican President, Teddy Roosevelt.  I know that this may sound likes an oxy-moron, but even though he was a Republican, he was also one of the first Environmentalist.

North Dakota is proud of Teddy Roosevelt but the way they treat North Dakota, he wouldn’t be so proud of them.

Even though Teddy Roosevelt was born and raised in New York; he fell in love with North Dakota while on a hunting trip.

You may wonder, what’s to love about North Dakota?  It’s just a fly-over state.  The state is flat and not as much beauty as Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Maybe during Teddy Roosevelt’s time, the state of North Dakota was very beautiful.

I believe that he wouldn’t approve of both pipelines.  He would be very angry.  Teddy Roosevelt was like a bull; and you do not wants a bull to charge you.  His motto was “Walk softly and carry a big stick.”

Another great Republican President was Ronald Reagan, and he too wouldn’t approve of both of the pipelines being built.  Reagan was also an Environmentalist.  He loved the great outdoors, just like Teddy Roosevelt.

When God created Earth and man; he intended for man to be caretakers of our planet.  Ever since sin entered mankind, we have been doing a lousy job at taking care of our planet.

Do you remember the old commercial, where a Native American was standing beside a polluted stream that had garbage all over the place and he had a tear that fell from his eyes onto his cheek?

I remember years ago, in one of my story that I wrote.  In that story, Planet Earth was destroyed and the UFO’s came down to see the destruction.  One of the alien spoke, “Earthlings, with all their technology, to make things better, and all they do is destroy it.”

I’ll never forget when I took the train to Seattle, Washington.  The first year I did that, there was a fire North of Montana, in Canada.  People are being careless.  They are slowly burning up our planet.

I was taught not only in Cub Scout but also by my folks.  When you make a campfire, you keep an eye on it; so that it doesn’t burn out of control.  When you are done with the campfire, you make sure that it’s completely burned out.  Smoky the bear wouldn’t be happy.

Anyway, going through Glacier National Park on the train; I fell in love with that area.  It was just so beautiful.

I can imagine how Teddy Roosevelt felt when he was in North Dakota on a hunting trip.  I love the great outdoors.  I love being one with nature.  I would rather be in a mountainous, wooded area than on a beach in the Caribbean.  Just traveling through Minnesota and Wisconsin, you can see the beauty that God created.

When I hear that the oil company wants to build another pipeline, like the Keystone pipeline.  It makes me want to cry.  They are destroying our planet.  They are destroying the farmer’s livelihood as well.

Go ahead, call me a bleeding Liberal if you want!

North Dakota didn’t need the Keystone pipeline; anymore than they need another pipeline going down to Texas.  They should rather consider taking care of the people of this state instead.  There is a lot of poor people in this state.  It’s hard for a person to live on minimum wage.  It’s hard to for those who wants to retire to be able to retire.  Some people may not be able to retire.

It’s downright greed that allows the oil company to win out over the North Dakota’s people. They don’t care about the people and they truly don’t care about the beauty that is all around us.

I bet you that God is looking down at us and crying; while shaking his head saying, “What did I do?  I created man and this is the thanks I get.”

I also believe that Teddy Roosevelt is probably looking down and he too is crying at what the oil company is destroying.