Salute our Men in Blue!!

I’m here to salute our men in blue.  I’m here to honor those who protect and serve the people of this country.  I’m here to honor those like Officer Jason Mozer, who gave their lives to protect the citizens of this country.

It was such a great honor in Washington DC where there is a monument to remember our fallen police officers.  It was very much deserve.

It is a great honor to have Officer Jason Mozer’s mention in that Memorial monument.  I never knew him personally but my hat goes off to him and all the police officers in this country.  I also thanks the family of these officers for their dedication.

I can only imagine the horror they face not knowing if their love ones will return home every night or not.

The police get a bad rap at times.

The old familiar joke, “when looking for the police, just go by the doughnut shop and you will find them.”

Or there are people like Al Sharpen and Barak Obama makes the police out to be the bad guys.

I’m not saying that there aren’t bad cops out there.  I’m just saying that we should salute them for all of their hard work in protecting us from the criminals.

Like I said earlier, they get a bad rap by people like Al Sharpen.  Those people seems to forget that they are just doing their job.  They are hired to serve and protect us.  Sometimes, it’s not easy.  They may enter in difficult situations that may end taking their lives.  They may even make difficult decision.  Some may agree and some may not.

Most recently in the news, the polices were under attack by Al Sharpen people because of racial uprising.  They have nothing to do with it.  They were just doing their job.  People like Al Sharpen is just making a mountain out of molehill.

There had been more uprising against the polices under Pres. Obama than any other President in history.  Even more than during the Vietnam protest and the Civil Right’s movement.

This wasn’t what Dr. Martin Luther King JR. had in mind with “I had a dream speech.”  Obama had a chance to make that dream a reality but he had blown by the following in the way of Al Sharpen and Jesse Jackson.

So let us remember our police officers instead giving them a hard time.

There are bad cops out there. I’ll give you that.  I won’t dispute it but I won’t delve in it in this blog right now.  I’ll save it for another time.  Believer me there are stories I that will blow your mind.

As the theme song for the “Ghostbusters”, who are you gonna call when you are in trouble?  I hope that you answer the cops.

They even go above and beyond.  For example: they were the first to come up “treat and trunk” on Halloween.  They would hands out candies to the kids trick and treating on Halloween night.  They will make sure that the kids are safe.  They even provide bicycle’s helmet for the kids to ride safe.

When you call 911, it’s the police who respond first.  So they are not sitting eating doughnuts like some may think.  They are out there serving and protecting us.

What is the firemen doing?

Every year at the Battle of the badge blood drive between the fireman and the police to help United Blood service, when I donate blood, I do it for the police, to give them the recognition.

So whenever you see a police officer. instead of giving them a hard time, why don’t you thank them for their service.  You don’t have to call them names like, “pigs, bears, etc.”  You don’t have to make their lives a living hell.  They have a hard time the way it is.




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