Too Much Baggage for Hillary Clinton

People been wondering if we will ever get a woman President.  I mean, we came close a few times.  This last time was the closes.

I want to say, we will with the right one.  I mean I voted for a woman President in 2000, when I wrote in Elizabeth Dole name instead of voting for George W. Bush.

The reasons why Hillary Clinton couldn’t pulled it off, are as follow:  She had way many baggage that she was carrying around that just ruin her chances.  And now she is finally done, thank God!

The first baggage was, she represent part of the Establishment in Washington that the American people are so upset with.  Once again that was why Trump had beaten Hillary.  She also had the baggage of being the Secretary of State under Pres. Obama.  The American people wasn’t too happy with him and the change he promised.  They felt that Hillary would bring about the same old, same old.

She had the baggage of the Whitewater scandal back when Bill Clinton was President.  The lawyer that they say committed suicide was actually murdered.  I mean, where is the evidence to prove that he committed suicide?  He was on the way to testify against the Clintons, when he supposedly died.  Coincident or not?

As she was the Secretary of State, under her watch, there were bunch of lives that were lost in Bengazzi.  What was she doing the whole time.  After that people didn’t feel safe with her.  The courts and Congress never dug further deeper into it.  Why?

What about her e-mail’s scandal?  What happened to all her important e-mails?  It was never cleared during the whole campaign. The American people couldn’t trust her because of it.

How about the United States enemy donating to the Clinton’s foundation?  The people she is sworn to protect, she was accepting money from those who would attack the United States.  She is supposed to be on the fight for women’s rights; yet she the terrorist groups do nothing in defense of women’s rights.  They treat women as slaves.

Like I said, we came very close to having a woman President.  It just have to be the right one.  One without as much baggage as Hillary Clinton.  She didn’t had the charisma, her husband had to overcome her baggage.

The reason Elizabeth Dole didn’t get even the nomination, was because the established Republicans had their minds made up with George W. Bush.  Even in 2012, there was a congresswoman from Minnesota against the big boys.  She had beaten Tim Pelosie, but could get the nomination; because the Established Republicans fought against it the whole time, and nominated Romney instead.

Carly Fiorna also ran but she couldn’t beat Trump, Carson, Cruz, and Rubio.  She couldn’t get her name out there.  I bet if Trump does as well as we hope, this could bring about the change in Washington.  The change that America really needs.  Our Established Government could be demolish.  That could be the beginning of something huge.