What were they thinking?

Have you ever wonder what people was thinking?  When people do certain things, do you ever wonder why?

I’m no counselor; even though I had took Psychology classes in college.  I even took Sociology classes.  This will be more of a tongue and cheek blog; just to lighten up the mood, especially after the last 2 blogs.

First, let start with:  It had been about year since they torn down the old strip mall next to Kmart in South Fargo.  The reason why they torn it down was it needed work and it would be better cost effectively than just remodeled.  So the businesses that was in that mall had to close.

Still nothing was done!  There was no rebuilding.  What was the owner of that lot thinking?  They lost money from the businesses that were there.  They could had been making money until they were ready to rebuild.  The empty lot there looks terrible. Did their plans fall through?  Are they waiting until Kmart close before doing anything?

The rumor floating around was that the owner of that lot also wants Kmart and Burger King. I’ve also heard that Petco was going to get another store and put it there.  I’ve heard that McDonalds was going to move from their old location and moved there because easy access.

There are many places that were torn down and took years to rebuild.  The old Holiday Mall in South Moorhead took awhile and it’s still not what they expected.  There was a small trailer court not far from Kmart that the owner sold and everyone was forced to moved out.  It was left empty for awhile.  Their original plan just fell through.

Back to Kmart again,  Kmart was once a thriving business.  This location is prime real estate. There is really no competition this close.  Remember, we are people of convenience.  If they close Kmart, what will the people in the area do?

I may had criticized Kmart in past blogs.  Kmart at one time was very prosper; but what the hell happened?  What was they thinking?  Remember, it’s not Kmart itself, it’s poor management.  It starts at the top.

What was they thinking when they build Sears out?  That was one Kmart downfall.  Greed is what hurt Kmart and even hurt other businesses.

Not too long ago, there was a bizarre killing of an young  pregnant woman in North Fargo, and the baby taken from her.  When that happened, some people thought how strange for it happen in Fargo.  It was almost like a horror, mystery novel/movie.  What was going on in that woman mind who was probably the mastermind behind the killing and taking of the baby?  Her boyfriend was only an accomplish.  Was she sick with mental illness to do something like that?

Look at the election in 2008.  Do you ever wonder why Obama was elected over Hillary back then?  I’ll tell you why I voted for him.

First of all, I was hoping for Rudy Guilannie  to get the nomination.  He was the mayor of New York City and I felt he did very well for the city after 9/11.  He wasn’t part of the swamp in Washington.

You got to remember, the tea party movement started under Pres. George W. Bush.  The American people was very upset with our government.

When it looks like Guillianni just somehow gave up and John McCain had a second wind; that got people looking at Obama.  He promised change, that never happen.  He came across as someone new and different, not a career politician.  He sure proved otherwise though.  He proved to be more of the same.

That was why I voted for Obama. Boy, was I lied to, as we all were.

This last election was more of the same thing as in 2008.  The American people was just upset with our career politician in Washington.  Trump said all what we were thinking.

That is what people was thinking in the election of 2008 and 2016.

Have you ever was waiting on the corner to cross and one driver wave you across; even though there is still cars coming on the other side?  What make them think that?  Do they think that they are being nice?

I have news for them.  They are just being stupid.  I crossed one time and nearly got hit.  I won’t do it again.  If someone waved me across and I see another car the opposite direction, I just point at that car as to say, “don’t you see?”

How about those who wait for the last minute to do their Christmas shopping?  Do they think that they are going to get something on sale?

I got news for them.  They’ll never get a decent sale and what they want may run out.  The good stuff will get bought first, leaving only white elephant gifts. Gifts no one wants.

As I said before, I always start my Christmas shopping early.  This way you beat the rush.  There are people who wait for the last minute, that make you wonder, what are they thinking?

Look at what us men will do just to win over a woman.  We can do some stupid things at times.  I don’t need to go any further with that, because I think you get the picture.  I can go on with this wide topic but I think you get the message.